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Esperanto DBpedia released

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

We are pleased to share with you this important information: the first automatically-created edition of DBpedia is out! Esperanto is a constructed language spoken by about 2M people in the world. The Esperanto Wikipedia is – with its 200K+ articles – one of the biggest Wikipedia for which the DBpedia corresponding chapter has not been [...]

New resource available: entity types in 31 languages

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Following the work already presented at ESWC conference, we enhance the coverage of DBpedia over pages devoid of infobox. The resource contains 10M computed entity types. It is available in RDF format and can be downloaded here. This new version of the dataset contains articles extracted from Wikipedia chapters in 31 languages: Albanian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, [...]

Paper under revision at ISWC conference

Monday, May 13th, 2013

We just submitted a paper titled Towards an automatic creation of localized versions of DBpedia to the ISWC conference. In this work, we implement an automatic system Abstract DBpedia is a large-scale knowledge base that exploits Wikipedia as primary data source. The extraction procedure requires to manually map Wikipedia infoboxes into the DBpedia ontology. Thanks [...]

Paper presented to I-KNOW conference

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Continuing the work on enrich DBpedia, we propose a fast method to automatically map templates to the DBpedia Ontology classes. The dataset is available on this page. Abstract DBpedia is a Semantic Web resource that aims at representing Wikipedia in RDF triples. Due to the large and growing number of resources linked to it, DBpedia [...]

Dataset available

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

The Airpedia dataset is now available in the download section. It consists of four .nq files, in RDF-quads format. This extraction took several days computation by a computer with an Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM.