Paper accepted at I-KNOW conference

The paper “Automatic mapping of Wikipedia templates for fast deployment of localized DBpedia datasets” has been accepted at the I-KNOW Conference. Therefore we will present our work in September 2013 in Graz (Austria).


DBpedia is a Semantic Web resource that aims at representing Wikipedia in RDF triples. Due to the large and growing number of resources linked to it, DBpedia has become central for the Semantic Web community. The English version currently covers around 1.7M Wikipedia pages. However, the English Wikipedia contains almost 4M pages. This means that there is a substantial problem of coverage (even bigger in other languages). The coverage slowly increases thanks to the manual effort made by various local communities. This effort is aimed at manually mapping Wikipedia templates into DBpedia ontology classes and then run the open-source software provided by the DBpedia community to extract the triples. In this paper, we present a resource obtained by automatically mapping templates in 25 languages. We also describe the approach used, starting from the existing mappings on other languages and extending them using the cross-lingual information available in Wikipedia. We evaluate our system on the mappings of a set of languages already included in DBpedia (but not used during the training phase), demonstrating that our approach can replicate the human mappings with high precision and recall, and producing an additional set of mappings not included in the original DBpedia.

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